Red Panax Ginseng Extractum
Red Panax Ginseng ExtractumImported since 1981, the original factory is the manufacturer of this product. Made from the best six-year old Red Panax Ginseng Roots from Manchuria, this extract is the most popular one on the market. Take this product as a quick pick-me-up/coffee substitute or mix it with your favorite fruit juices in a blender for a delicious smoothie. Available to 30 x 10 cc and 10 x 10 cc vials or a 50 cc concentrted bottle. 

Peking Royal Jelly
Peking Royal Jelly  Royal Jelly is a milky glandular secretion
  from the worker bees and the sold
  provision of nutrition for the Queen Bee.
  The queen bee lives an average of forty
  times longer than the worker bees and
  royal jelly is believed to be one of the reasons. Again, MBM Holdings LLC imports the original product from the founding factory in Beijing. consumers take this on a daily basis as a nutritional supplement. Many feel that this helps keep them young. 

RenshenwangjiangThis award winning combination of Chinese Red Ginseng Extract ("Renshen") and Royal Jelly (Wangjiang) is a source of energy. Song Bao Su, meaning "Double Treasure", is a mixture of two nutritious natural supplements, ginseng and royal jelly. Take on small bottle per day as a coffee substitute or for a delicious beverage. 

Eleuthero Ginseng Extract
Eleuthero Ginseng Extract  Also known as Siberian Ginseng
  Extract, this product is great for building
  endurance and stamina. International
  athletes and long-houred executives use
  this product on a daily basis to increase
  their work performances. The NBA Sacramento Kings currently uses this product. 

MajiajunThis product is named after the Chinese women's track team coach. This team broke several long- distance track records. The coach used this formula in training to build stamina, endurance, and strength. The main active ingredients are cordyceps, Chinese Red Ginseng, epimedium, and citrus peel. This product is also endorsed by the NBA Sacramento Kings' conditioning coach Al Biancani. 

American Ginseng Roots - Cultivated
American Ginseng Roots - Cultivated  Cultivated American Ginseng Roots are
  generally presented as gifts for friends
  or relatives overseas (Hong Kong,
  Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and
  China). MBM Holdings LLC is the pioneer in
  selling these roots in 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb Gift boxes. MBM Holdings LLC recently updated their gift boxes to better emphasize the quality and authenticity of its American Ginseng roots. The Chung family has been growing American Ginseng in Wisconsin, Ontario, and British Columbia since 1983. Cultivated American Ginseng takes three to five years to grow. Most of the larger roots are either three or four years old while the average roots are normally three years old. Generations of farmers in the aforementioned regions have been growing ginseng in those regions; each area has its own distinctive flavor. chinese families take ginseng as a soothing or cooling soup or tea (see recipes). For centuries, Chinese consumers knew the health benefits of using American Ginseng. 

American Ginseng Roots - Wild
American Ginseng Roots - WildWild American Ginseng is basically an organically-grown ginseng. Native Americans (Am. Indians) traded these roots during the colonial years with traders from Europe. These roots are generally found in either mountainous regions or in the forest. These roots are much more valuable because their survival rate in growing is much lower. Traditionally, fur trappers or hunting guides found these roots during their fall/autumn hunting season while setting their traps or tracking animals. These roots range from seven years to twenty years of age as they grow without any benefit of fertilizers or pesticides. because they depend on the soil's nutrients to grow, the flavor is much stronger and distinctive. Ginseng experts know that wild ginseng can be cooked a second or third time and still have flavor. The cultivated roots are tasteless after one cooking. The elderly as a tonic takes wild Ginseng. Many older Chinese consumers take wild ginseng as opposed to Korean Red Ginseng because it does not raise blood pressure or aggravate any previous heart aliments; Korean Red Ginseng is a stimulant and may induce adverse side effects to high blood pressure or heart patients. 

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