After opening its store in 1959, MBM Holdings LLC soon made business partners with several popular ginseng and herbal suppliers in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Here is a chronology of a few of their popular products as sole agents: 

1961 – South Korean government’s Office of Monopoly named MBM Holdings LLC as exclusive sole agent in North America and Europe for their Korean Red Ginseng roots and products (tea, extract, capsules, and powder) until 1975. 

Mr. Chung makes first visit to Marathon, Wisconsin and buys Cultivated American Ginseng roots directly from Helen Zawisilan, Edward and Frank Volhard, some of several local ginseng growers.

1961 – Haw Par Brothers Co. (Eng An Tang) appoints MBM Holdings LLC exclusive agent for Tiger Balm for North America until 1982. MBM Holdings LLC also secures exclusive agencies for Gum Wall Herbal Tea (Yuen Kwong Wo), Po Chai Pills, and Wong Lo Kat Herb Tea. 

1964 – Nin Jiom (HK) Medicine Manufactory appoints MBM Holdings LLC exclusive importer and agent for United States 

1979 – Along with its sister company, Overseas Factor, MBM Holdings LLC became the U.S. distributor for several popular Chinese health products: a) Peking Royal Jelly, b) Pine Brand Red Panax Ginseng Extractum (green box – original), c) Renshenfengwangjiang (red box – Ginseng & Royal Jelly), d) Zheng Gu Shui Liniment. They also became one of the first importers of Kirin, Shih Chu, and Chang Pai Mountain Imperial Wild Ginseng roots (market price US $110,000.00/kilo) from the government’s China Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation, Head Office in Beijing. 

1986 – MBM Holdings LLC partners with two Wisconsin ginseng growers in purchasing a farm and creating a new ginseng farming operation named WAGCO (Wisconsin American Ginseng Corporation). 

1990 – MBM Holdings LLC and Overseas begin marketing Tong Ren Tong products in the U.S. market. Tong Ren Tong is a reputable Chinese herbal and medicinal manufacturer with a network of stores throughout China. 

1992 – MBM Holdings LLC purchases a 546-acre farm in Ontario, Canada and, in a joint venture with Chai-Na-Ta, the first publicly traded ginseng company and largest North American Ginseng grower, harvests ginseng from them over the next four years. 

2009 – MBM Holdings LLC celebrates its 50th anniversary in business.